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The Best Air Suspension System for Pickups in the World is Now Wireless-Ready!

The Total Load ControlAir Suspension System works great with the AirLift WirelessONE Air Control System. With the wireless controller (pictured below), you can adjust the air springs remotely from inside the pickup or can stand outside and watch as you add air and the truck bed is leveled! 


The TLC models for the 4th Gen Ram 1500 (DCS-1500), the Ram 2500 & 3500 (DGHD-2535), the Ram 2500 Coil-Spring (DGCS-2500), the Ram 4500 & 5500 (RamHD-4555) and the Chevy/GMC 1500 (CVGM-1500) each include the TLC Air Suspension System only. The air compressor, wireless controller and all related components (pictured above) are part of the WirelessONE Air Control System (P/N 25870).

It is available from the websites listed below, as well as on other sites or in stores:

Here is a link to the installation instructions, as well as more information on the WirelessONE:


  • Adjust your air springs remotely with the Air Lift WirelessONE Air Control System
  • Handy wireless Key Fob provides full control from inside or outside your vehicle
  • 3 built-in memory settings
  • Single-path control provides equal inflation/deflation for both air springs
  • Automatic low-pressure sensor activates compressor if spring pressure falls below safe levels
  • Kit includes WirelessONE Key Fob, air compressor, wiring harness, air lines, connectors and hardware
  • Works with all air spring brands
  • Your Air Lift WirelessONE Air Control System is backed by a 2-year warranty


Wireless is the wave of the future—and the future is now with the Air Lift WirelessONE Air Control System. The latest breakthrough in air suspension control technology, the WirelessONE Air Control System lets you adjust your air springs wirelessly with a digital key fob. You now have unbounded control over your suspension from both inside or outside your vehicle.

The single-path control delivers air for 2 springs, providing a level ride at any time. The inflate/deflate controls are located on the wireless key fob, giving you full control from wherever you're at. Plus, the key fob boasts 3 built-in memory settings for frequent adjustments.

Air Lift includes everything you need: WirelessONE Key Fob, wiring harness & manifold, air lines, connectors, hardware and a standard-duty 100 psi air compressor. For safety, your WirelessONE system is equipped with an automatic low-pressure sensor to fill the spring if pressure is too low. Even better, Air Lift backs your WirelessONE Air Control System with a 2-year warranty.