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In 2003, son and father team, Jeff and Vern Mullican, began working on Vern's 2000 Chevy Silverado 1/2-ton pickup to solve a problem: When towing a loaded car trailer, the Silverado's rear suspension would bottom out.

Originally intended to solve this simple payload issue, Jeff and Vern realized during the development process that the Total Load Control unit had true potential as a suspension enhancement for pickups that not only levels any load that is hauled or towed, but also takes advantage of the air springs' natural cushioning properties to actually increase the comfort of the ride at the same time.

After eight years of research and development (accomplished with minimal resources), the Total Load Control Suspension System is the product that solves the problem of pickup beds sagging under heavy loads – the initial inspiration behind TLC Suspensions, LLC – while simultaneously cushioning the ride.

In March, 2009, patents were filed and a patent was granted in March, 2010 with all claims awarded. Additional patents have been filed to incorporate new design elements.

The Total Load Control Suspension System has dramatically evolved from the initial unit that weighed more than 150 pounds, stretched across the entire rear axle and was difficult to produce (pictured, below left) to the elegant, compact design of the finished unit that weighs less than 35 pounds, is easier to produce, fits significantly more pickup applications and has the capabilities to dramatically improve the performance of nearly every pickup truck sold in the last ten years (pictured, below right).

The entire team at TLC Suspensions is dedicated to developing the most innovative and highest quality American-made aftermarket suspension products – for pickups now and for trailers, vans and other market segments in the future.

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