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9" Air Springs Make A Powerful Difference

Systems with smaller air springs require so much air to work that they get stiff. Our 9" air springs only need 20-30 psi to level the heaviest loads, so they retain their natural cushioning flexibility for a more comfortable ride, even when hauling or towing. For the assurance of Total Load Control, size matters.

Total Load Control is the patented aftermarket air suspension that uses two 9-inch, dual convoluted Goodyear® Super-Cushion® air springs. 9" air springs are the largest available for full-size pickups and only TLC has them in an air suspension designed to maximize lifting power, safety, driveability and comfort.

Safety More than two tons of lifting power* assure that your truck will always be level with the best braking, steering and handling performance possible, totally eliminating the common safety problems caused by hauling or towing heavy loads.

Innovative, Patented Design The larger size of the air springs and their placement just below the lifting point allows them to operate on low air pressure and not get stiff when inflated. this applies to the TLC models where the air springs are only mounted on one end as well as to the ones where they are bolted down to maintain their vertical position even in challenging road conditions. All of TLC's models are independent systems that don't interfere with the factory suspension.

(*Never exceed pickup's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)

Total Load Control Air Suspension Tested at Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving →
The video (right) was shot underneath a TLC-equipped Chevy Silverado 1500 driving around the race track at speeds up to 75 mph. First 47 seconds: With the air springs disengaged in "stand-by" mode, the factory suspension is subjected to tremendous forces that cause wild gyrations and oscillations. Next 17 seconds: Air springs inflated to become engaged.

Final 69 seconds: Air springs absorb most of the shock and vibrations, reducing the movements of the pickup's suspension and resulting in dramatically increased stability and improved handling. The same safety and performance improvements you see here occur whenever you're hauling or towing a heavy load, whether on a highway or on a winding mountain road.

Wireless Get the AirLift WirelessONE system and control the air springs wirelessly from inside or outside the cab (check out "Wireless" page above for details).

Ram 1500('09-Current). The TLC system is specially designed for the Ram 1500 coil-spring suspension, providing leveling power without sacrificing comfort. Total Load Control not only levels loads you haul or tow, it actually increases comfort.

Also available for:.

Ram 2500 Coil-Spring ('14-Current)

Ram 2500 Leaf-Spring ('02-'13)

Ram 3500 Leaf-Spring ('02-Current)

Ram 4500 & 5500 Cab & Chassis ('07-Current)

Total Load Control's 9" air springs can handle any heavy-duty application with ease.

Bob and Pat Bondurant tested the Total Load Control system on the race track and in emergency maneuvers at the Bondurant School for High Performance Driving. They immediately noticed the improvements in safety and performance:

"Inflating the air bags stiffens the rear suspension and puts more weight on the front end, so you have less understeer and less oversteer as well. This truck handles a lot better with the air bags on."

—Bob Bondurant

"Without the air bags, I was fishtailing all over the place and probably 30% less acceleration. It's absolutely day and night. This ought to be mandated."

—Pat Bondurant

Others have field-tested the TLC system in different circumstances with similar results:

"The TLC system has effectively stopped my bed from bottoming out and has made my overall driving experience smoother and more comfortable."

—Steve Gulley, Jr. (Field-tested on '09 Ram 1500)

"With Total Load Control, my truck handles better in the mountains and hauls more when I'm working. My truck gets a lot of abuse and my TLC system can take every bit of it."

—Neil Harden (Field-tested on GMC 2500)

Patented The Total Load Control suspension system is fully patented in the USA with foreign patents pending.

Improved Handling Inflating the heavy-duty air springs secures the pickup's center of gravity and strengthens the back end. This results in dramatically improved handling and stability that virtually eliminates body roll, understeer and oversteer. This increased safety is especially beneficial under extreme conditions, emergency maneuvers or in off-road driving.

Cushioned Comfort Total Load Control not only levels the load, but also smoothes the ride, absorbs road shock and virtually eliminates "washboard" roads.

Easy to Install and Maintain The suspension system installs easily under the frame above the rear axle without interfering with the factory suspension or warranty. No drilling of holes or other modifications. TLC recommends that the electronics portion and (optional) air compressor be installed by a professional auto technician (unless you are a "do-it-yourselfer" with experience in truck electronics).

Easy to Use Add or remove air with a flick of your fingertip on the dashboard-mounted control panel to adjust the air pressure for changing road conditions. It's an on-demand system — you have Total Load Control with the push of a button!

Wireless Option TLC recommends the WirelessONE Air Control System from AirLift Company. It uses a wireless remote controller that is fully compatible with all the TLC suspension systems and delivers air pressure with to-the-pound precision.

Use Your Own Air Compressor The TLC system is compatible with any outside air source, so use your existing air compressor or any air compressor or air source to manually add air. Every TLC unit comes with a Schrader valve that can be installed in any convenient location on the truck (RAM 1500 has a convenient factory hole in the bumper).

Optional Air Compressors Since the TLC system operates at low air pressure, there is no need for a tank. Either of the air compressors will inflate the air springs in about a minute. We offer two optional air compressors:

1. High-quality VIAIR 90C Air Compressor with TLC's wired gauge/switch panel to install in the cab.

2. High-quality PORTABLE Pittsburgh Automotive Air Compressor with built-in gauge.

Range of Applications The air springs' enormous lifting power and the flexibility of TLC's design allows it to work on a wide range of platforms: ½-ton pickups (available now for Chevy/GMC '07-current and Dodge '09-current) and Ram ¾-ton ('02-'13, the '14-current Ram Coil-Spring ¾-ton) and 1-ton ('02-current), plus the Ram 4500 & 5500 Cab & Chassis ('07-current). Future development will include Ford ½-ton, ¾-ton and 1-ton pickups and light trucks, vans, trailers, buses and other platforms. The TLC system's simple design bolts onto most American makes, provided there are no obstructions in the installation area. (Pickups with obstructions in the installation area under the frame above the rear axle require modifications or will not qualify).

Strong, Durable & Transferable The steel plates and 9-inch air springs are rugged enough for the toughest user and have also been designed for durability. The air springs operate on low air pressure, leaving enough flexibility that they can't be pulled apart by the movement of the suspension. This means the Total Load Control suspension system will give you years of trouble-free service—and can then be removed and installed on your next truck!

Great Limited Warranty TLC offers seven years on the air springs and metal parts.

The Solution The Total Load Control system is the revolutionary new aftermarket suspension that does it all. Immense lifting power that ensures that you'll always be level, firmly on the road and under control; improved safety and handling features and the best air-cushioned ride ever dramatically boost all aspects of your pickup's performance. No other air suspension system comes close.

For hauling and towing so easy that all the problems normally associated with heavy loads simply disappear — plus the peace of mind that you have the ultimate in safety—installing the TLC system is the solution.

Customer Service Please refer to FAQs page for technical questions. For questions that can't be answered there, a customer service rep is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time by e-mail or by phone (see Contact Us page).